nobody likes rules but we gotta set em tho . so here they are .
✖️ • advertising of ur account or books • v4v • asking to follow • copy-pasted messages THE FOLLOWING TYPES OF COMMENTS ARE UNACCEPTABLE ON MY MB AND IN MY PMS . YOU WILL BE REPORTED AND EXPOSED IF YOU ARE ;; • racist • sexist • communist • republican • homophobic / anti-LGBTQ+ • transphobic • ableist • anti-asian • all lives matter • supportive of donald trump or problematic celebrities oh and i wanna make clear that if you support brendon urie you are not welcome on wattpad ;) i will not respond ( kindly ) to those types of messages and / or delete them from my MB if i see such messages . ✔️ f4f is fine by me and those messages will be kept up ( just DON'T PM me asking for f4f . that's MB only . ) thanks for reading <333 have a good day
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